Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend weather

Just when you think a day is off to a pretty good start.... actually gets started. And it isn't at all like you thought it was going to be.

It's been one of those weeks. I realized today that despite my best attempts, the only room in my house I've managed to keep clean this week is my kitchen. And that's if you discount the lego-style stacked clean dishes that have yet to be put away. Before lunch today, I hadn't had a full meal since....Monday night? I haven't walked either of my dogs, or had a cup of coffee in a least six days. And I'm still wearing a little bit of eye liner from last night that didn't wash off in the shower this morning.

Due to Paul and I being back and forth sick we have a gotten at least a few nights of pretty good sleep. But between being sick and working overtime this week, we haven't had any awake time to spend together. (I have got to figure out how to go on dates in our dreams. If we could do this Inception style, life would be so much more efficient!)

And I don't mean to complain. Really. This is how life happens and some really cool things happened this week. We got to see Peter Pan at the Wagon Wheel. For free. We got to have Father's Day dinner at my family's, and everyone was there.

I've been keeping up with my joy calender , and it's filling up! I know I have things to be thankful for.

But some weeks just leave you feeling like you need a vacation. Just a day or two away, where things are easy. Where there isn't a disconnect between my taste buds and my intestines, and what sounds good, tastes good, and doesn't make me regret my very existence two hours later. Where time planned to spend together, gets to be spent together. No interruptions. Where you can forget about chores and bills and efficiency. Just for a bit.

And so I'm determined to find a few little escapes these next two weeks. A few moments to steal away and unwind. Before my top comes clean off! And I'm hoping to start with food that actually digests the way it should.

What do you do when life gets to be too much?

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