Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Making up: Or Week One: Meatballs

Sometimes, you make your kitchen mad. You overuse it, you don't clean your appliances appropriately, or in a timely manner. And they stay covered in tomato paste and olive oil scorch marks much longer than they should.

To get your attention, your kitchen has to sabotage your meals. There really isn't any other way for it to say, "hey! I need a break!" So when everything you make comes out crispy and black, there is nothing to do but to give your kitchen some space and get take out.

Preferably, you should eat said takeout on plastic plates that can be thrown out, and won't need washed, to allow your kitchen the ultimate amount of space it needs to heal.

Yes, kitchens can be a little spiteful, but never fear, with a little TLC, you can turn them around.

At least I'm hoping I can!

So, my meatballs didn't turn out so well last night. I actually made a special trip to the grocery store (Which I never do) to buy ground pork, bread, and parsley to make them according the recipe.

I meant to start early in the day, so that I wasn't cooking while I was hungry, and had plenty of time to work slowly.

As Monday's go, that didn't actually work out, and I got started around 5:30. I was hungry, and trying to get dinner on the table, and I'm sure that didn't help.

I had toasted my loaf of French bread to make fresh bread crumbs. I mixed them with the milk and meat and fresh parsley. At this point - the meat balls smelled fantastic! I chilled them in the fridge, and washed up my dishes.

Here's where the problems started. Normally, I would just fry the meatballs in oil, but the recipe said to simmer them in sauce for 15 minutes....so that's what I did.

 And.....they scorched. The sauce in the pan (cooking on medium-low heat) turned completely black, sticking the bottom of my meatballs to the pan, and preventing the middles from ever cooking through.

The whole pound of them went into the trash, and we called for Chinese take out.

This morning, I cleaned up my kitchen. I am reverting to a staple (Chicken Honey-Ginger Stirfry) for dinner tonight. Hopefully, by next Monday, my kitchen will have forgiven me, and I can try Carly's Cooking Journey Week Two.

Stay tuned!

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