Friday, August 17, 2012

A dream come true...

It's no secret that I'm a little bit of an idealist...and perhaps a tad sappy. But after a miserable last hour at work, seeing Wagon Wheel's closing summer show, "I Love a Piano" was just what a I needed. (Btw: check out Paul's review here later tonight!)

It's Americana through and through, set to the sound track of Irving Berlin's best songs. And I loved that it showed triumph and tragedy, the balance of life as it really is. (Well, as much as can be shown on stage at any rate.) But it was such a classic feel of American history, and as we drove up to our hundred year old house, with our puppies and cozy red kitchen I got so excited about my life in...well, a week or so.

I've been undoing myself at work...packing up extra stuff in my desk, taking down my pictures, adding notes to files for the next person so they won't be confused. It's odd after two and a half years to slowly be working my way out. I was feeling a little sentimental, but then an incredibly stressful, demeaning incident took place today, and I remembered how sweet freedom tastes!

I am So.Stoked. about the KP position. I want to work with lesson plans, and kiddos, and teach them about Jesus. I want the freedom of loose hours, working with people I respect. And have TIME and energy again to do things.

I can't believe how shabby parts of my home have gotten, but I only have enough TLC left to care for myself and our immediate needs after work and very little creative influence. And working part time from home just allows for space and freedom. Not that any job doesn't have its own hiccups, and I'm sure there will be days I just need to get out, but I am going to enjoy this home-ness as long as possible!

Despite the initial financial challenge of a new job, God has always provided, and I know He will. He has blessed me with a beautiful home, husband, fur balls, church family, friends, and GOOD work to do. I really couldn't ask for more. Revelling in the beauty of this.

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