Sunday, August 12, 2012

For every season....

...turn, turn, turn....

Bad reference to a 90's song aside, I feel like I've been caught in a tailspin, lately! A good tailspin, but it has left me slightly disoriented.

I've been felt called away from my day job for a bit now. The environment has been increasingly stressier, and the sheer energy it takes to maintain working there has left me physically exhausted, and cost me the time and energy to be involved in other things I feel are more important.

Paul and I have been praying for a while now for an answer to this question....and God answered in the most surprising way. It wasn't at all what I was looking for, and Paul had to talk me into applying....and then three panic stricken weaks of realizing that this was EXACTLY what I wanted, but of course there were other applicants for the position!

Long story short, I am stepping into the director position of Kidz Point, our children's ministry at Mission Point. It's a part time gig at the moment....which leaves plenty of time for helping out with Sights and Soundz and DaiseyBelle and keeping up my home (which will probably be less Martha Stewartish...but I would love to have time to walk my dogs, and bake, and sew...because yes, I was born in 1950. I look really good for my age!).

I am so excited to get to be a part of this, I can't even begin to explain. The next month will be busy...last 2 weeks at work, while I start training for this new position. Then, actually STARTING to lead Kidz Point - eek!!! But I think as God makes his strength evident in my intense weakness, and we transition through this time, that the space created in my life, and Paul's too!, will be much needed, desired, and prayed for.

There might not be much posting for the next couple weeks, just like there hasn't been for a bit, but hopefully, once things smooth out, I'll some more time to devote to this, too!

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  1. We need to connect. Are you open any Saturdays or after 5 during the week?