Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Messy Monday

I have decided to write this blog post for all of you that may have had really crappy Mondays, to hopefully provide you with some amusement, hope for the week, or perhaps just the ability to wipe your head in relief that you didn’t have  my day. 

Monday’s have the ability to hold more circus like happenings than any other day of the week. And yesterday started rather normally. I got up on time, did my yoga, actually ate breakfast, went to work. And got into project mode.

In fact, after lunch, I was in such a zen zone of getting stuff done that I failed to notice the geriatric fly that was taking it’s last dance of life around my desk.  Until said fly took a nose dive into my shirt.

This is when the acrobatics start. I quickly popped my bubble de zen, and began flailing about trying to demolish said very frisky fly. The zen bubble is established first and foremost by removing one’s shoes, so when I flopped around in my big rolly chair, and rolled over my own foot, there was no cushion.

No cushion between the big wheel, and my little pinky toenail. Pedicure ruined, toenail about to fall off - first thankful moment: I work in a pharmacy. We have those snap cold gel packs that provide instant relief, sans mess. And when I limp down the stairs, someone hands one to me. Dignity saved, even if my toenail was lost.

Twenty minutes later I get a very distressed phone call from Paul. "I'm not equipped to handle this."


Can you imagine this gorgeous face reeking giant dog vomit Apocalypse all over my house? 

I can. 

Thankful moment number two: Paul is a much, much better human being than I am. I would have cried. Sat down in the middle of it, and cried. But by the time I got home, 90 minutes later, the dog had had a bath, the cage she was trapped in when she let loose, was out on the deck, and most of the awfulness had been cleaned up. 

However, he was a mess by the time I got home. So I dropped him in the shower, and proceeded to find a hose to save my recently purchased $50.00 dog cage. Nope, outside spickett broke last October. Didn't bother to fix it cause it was cold. Also can't hook up to our kitchen or bathroom sink as both faucets are fancy and flat. (Flat - whose faucet edge is flat!?!?) So we got creative with lots of buckets of water. 

Next thankful moment: that $25.00 fancy mop that I bought on a whim last fall that has removable, washable pads, so you are never without easy access to cleanliness was a wonderful purchase. Wonderful. 


So after an hour of intense cleaning, and a long shower, we left the house, with all the windows open, to go buy new bedding (because we could? - did you know they make microfiber everything now? And it repels dog hair?? New beadspread, bed skirt, and sheets for 50 bucks. Also thankful for Walmart.), and find food and chocolate cake. Which we ate, sitting on our new bedspread, in our bedroom, with the door closed. Because it was the only room that didn't smell funny.

                                                 Mainstays Ombre Bed in a Bag Bedding Set, Blue

How did your Monday go?

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