Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby beginings

I've never seen so many adults stare at a baby sleeping.

But how can you help it? When the the baby is so absolutely precious? A little tiny white head, with even tinier fingers, and fingernails, that wiggle and stretch, reaching towards life.

So we take turns. She lifts her head a little, sighs, and one of us stops next to the crib. Waiting, to see if she'll move again. Watching the wrinkles in her forehead, wondering what she's dreaming about as she kicks at the blanket.

Grown adults, completely entranced by this eight pounds of sleeping stillness.


A little baby arrives, and life slows for a little while as we get caught up in the rediscovery of the simplest actions. We reacquaint ourselves with the most basic parts of life - stretching, yawning, sighing. And we get caught up in the moment, in that blissful, joy-filled moment.

As Easter approaches, I can't help but still my life some. Four days in the mountains (more on that adventure next time!), followed by this new little life, reorients me. By Grace are we given breath, life; in Him we move, and breathe, and have our being. In Him, we relearn how to do and think about the most basic of things. We learn to stretch new muscles, learn to breathe Him in, and we begin life anew.

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