Sunday, July 8, 2012

Adapting to the American Dream....

...or the benefits of being broke.

I'm having a bit of a mental freak out. I bought an Ipad yesterday. Actually, I charged an Ipad yesterday. And I'm a good Dave Ramsey graduate...we don't buy things if we can't pay cash!

Not to mention that our income has increased...which puts us from broke-college-students to really-low-middle-class. Having been raised by good missionary parents, I can do a lot with broke. And there is a certain freedom in learning to be comfortable with what you have and making it work. Knowing that big expenditures are outside your reality, and learning to make do.

But now with two college degrees and two full time incomes between us (and benefits!) I feel the need to be responsible. The Camry needs new tires. The roof needs the next three years. Christmas needs saved for, the dogs need their shots. We're getting close to that ellusive "American Dream" ... bought a house, and a dog (x2), have two cars (that generally run), and we can afford vacations. I suppose I need kids and a college fund now, huh?

Can you see how after a while this all gets really heavy? And now I've added a (gasp!) credit card bill to all this (18 months same as cash, 10% down, used my rewards points, blah blah blah).

And isn't it crazy that my sinful self can totally find ways to discount, regret, and add misery to God's blessings? We've worked so hard, prayed for determination, guidance, provision, and in His time, God has blessed us. And I feel the need to worry about it. Because I forget...that this truly is "my Father's world...and though the wrong (even in me) seems oft so strong, God is the Ruler yet."

So on this Sunday morning, I'm holding fast to old words...

"And the cares of this world grow blissfully dim in the light of His glory and grace."

 "I hear the Savior say, thy faith indeed is small....find in Me thine All in All."

"Jesus, be the Center..."

Because the real reality of this situation is that these are all just details, and I'm simply called to be thankful. And thankfulness doesn't require a bank balance of any size.

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