Saturday, July 14, 2012

Beautiful berries

 I did tell you I had a couple of pints of gorgeous summer berries - this week, I put them to good use! I had seen a couple of homemade turnover recipes online, and decided to sort of compile them all and make my own.

I decided to cook my cherries down in my itsy bitsy crockpot. I added enough water to cover them, and some sugar.

Once cooked (for about 6 hours...could have gone a bit longer) I ladled them into egg role wrappers.

Folded my wrappers up...the cherry mixture was moist enough that I didn't need any water to seal them.

I used the nasoya wrappers...which baked up beautifully!

400 degrees for about 12 minutes.

These made lovely little breakfast treats - always looking for something a little sweet first thing in the morning. But these are full of good fruit, not overly processed sugar. So they're like poptarts, but better. And they're actually filling!

The only thing I might change next time is the way I prepare the filling. Peaches are on sale this week, so I'd love to try to make peach filling. I will probably look up a legit pie filling recipe, and just cut back on the sugar. The cherries weren't quite as sweet as I hoped once cooked, and while I like tart, I'm not such a fan first thing in the morning! I did put a few chocolate chips in one of the pockets, and that really hit the spot! 

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