Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cheating cookies

I love cookies. This may be my biggest vice (my husband might disagree, my hips would not). After surgery, I desperately needed to put some weight back on my bones, and some color back in my cheeks. So I didn't really watch what I ate - if it stayed down, it went in!

Now, I'm not a bad food-good food type of girl. We have to fuel our bodies....we just need to take into account ALL of our body systems, not just our taste buds and digestive tract (but more of that for a different day). So, if I'm gonna eat cookies (and let's just face it, I am) they need to have good stuff in them, stuff my body can actually use.

I've been slowly substituting the ingredients I use on a weekly basis for whole food ingredients. My favorite, by far, is whole wheat flour. My friend, Cydney, and I bought a 50 pound bag of grain, and once a month or so, we (by we, I really mean Cydney's mom) grind (because she's cool like that and has a grinder) grind our grain into flour. It's about the color of sand, and a little stiffer than bleached flour. It probably wouldn't make good Angel Food cake, but it's good for almost everything else. Including biscuits Especially biscuits. If you want to read up on why whole wheat flour is SO much better for you check out Nourishing Traditions: 
 Think building your house with logs instead of styrofoam.

Anyway - I adore Lofthouse cookies. 
Probably not high on the list of "good fuel for you" foods. BUT, if I make them myself and substitute whole wheat flour for bleached flour .... Yeah, you're right, they probably aren't the same. They are cheater cookies disguised as nutritionally empty, but oh-so-delicious drops of heavenlike, carby goodness. But they are good, if a little denser - and you feel better eating them when you make them yourself!

I used this recipe from Two Peas and their Pod: Very simple. Very tasty.

So, it's your turn. What little changes do you make to keep your body healthy and happy?

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