Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I have officially kept my 2012 resolutions for 4 weeks. Which means it is now safe to tell people about them!

2011 ended on a pretty unhealthy note. About midyear I found out that I had gallbladder disease, but wasn't able to have surgery until August. I wasn't able to eat normally, or exercise at all. My husband changed jobs and started his last year of undergrad work. So between all the transitions and not being able to really take care of myself, I was pretty pooped by Christmas!

But starting a new year sans gallbladder and a few months into our "transition," it seemed like the perfect time to focus on getting healthy. All of my resolutions this year had to do with focusing on improving all areas of healthy living. Taking care of myself, and my husband and puppies - whether that be what we eat, how we care for our bodies, or our spirits and relationships. We've been so blessed, and I really want to learn to carry these blessings well, to thrive under them.

This blog is going to be my little corner to document these new changes and habits. To process through what works and what doesn't. To have something to look back on and remember where I came from and see where I'm going. If anyone wants to follow along, to comment and document whatever journey you might be on, I'd be glad for the company!


  1. I'll follow yours if you follow mine :)

  2. Done, just as soon as I figure out how to "follow" you. I'm not so computer when Paul figures out what I have to do to show that I'm following you, I will!