Friday, February 10, 2012

Sizzling Sanity

I think Thursdays were some type-A personality's last ditch effort to cram a little more productivity into the week. I always come home Friday to stuff that really should have been taken care of Thursday (dishes, dog hair, the like) but couldn't be completed, because I was busy Thursday-ing.

Enter stir fry. It does happen to be my second favorite comfort food, but it is also the "I'm okay simmering over here, feel free to continue ________ over there for a bit" meal. It is good for you (to get rid of all those Friday many donuts did you have from the break room today just to get through this last day of work???), it's full of flavor, and makes you feel a whole lot better for staying in, cleaning your kitchen, on a Friday night. It's not a picky entre, and you can use up whatever is left in your fridge.

It's a tad unconventional, but here's my process:

Enter house - greet insanely hyper puppies - pour glass of wine. (Make mental note to buy more wine.)

                                                  (Thanks, Cyd for the picture!)

Wash a couple pots to have something to cook in.

Put chicken on to boil (I know, I know), start rice boiling. Soak chia seeds (yes, like a chia pet. More on those later.)


Leave stove to unpack lunch box, do dishes, make to do list.

Check on chicken.

Do more dishes.

Realize chicken and rice are done. Turn off burners. Put a little peanut oil in large skillet, saute frozen veggies (peppers, onions, carrots, etc). Add some pineapple and juice, and water chesnuts.Sprinkle copious amounts of ginger and parsley over skillet. (You can cook your rice in seasonings too!)

Mix up cake. Pop in oven.

Add chia seeds and water, a little Worschester sauce (out of soy). Mix in chicken and rice. Add 1/5 bottle Kraft Asian Seseme Dressing. Mix well.


Let sizzle.

Fold laundry.


Serve with any type of fruit and whole wheat bread (not sure why the bread, but we always have stir fry with bread!).

Start to finish about an hour....mostly because I kept turning the heat down to work on stuff. But now I'm enjoying my tasty dinner. What do you do to make Friday nights possible? Any easy standbys?

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