Monday, October 29, 2012

A break to try something different....

 So these past two weeks, I have been furiously beading and sewing and getting ready for my first craft show! Saturday, Paul and I loaded up to spend the morning at the DePuy Craft Bizaar. Which, while not food related, was a brand new experience!

Paul is a great sales man, and due to his pushy smile, we came out on top, with some profit. The way people buy is so funny to me - I had sold one apron in the first 3 hours...and sold 3 more in the last 30 minutes. So many people stopped to look at the Rita Hayworth earrings (pictured on that little yellow leaf on the right side of the photo to the left). They would ooh and ahh and pick them up, hold them up to their ears, and even when everything was marked down to 50% off, no one bought them!

All in all though, a very fun experience. I made oodles of Christmas earrings, fall designs, aprons, and gift bags. There are a few left that I'm selling 20% off of show price on the DaiseyBelle Designs Facebook page. So if you want to start some early Christmas shopping....

Despite the crazy crafting rush, I was still able to try a two new bread recipes, and an egg roll recipe. Bread and I are still becoming friends, and it's the skill I would most like to perfect. Yeast and sourdough starter are so different, and while anything can go into bread, the dough is less than forgiving. But I have a new book to help me through it...So stay tuned next Monday for more kitchen experiments!

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