Monday, October 8, 2012

Sometimes I'm an overachiever: Week Four: Smorgasbord

Zuke tots mixed up - so many pretty colors! 
 Now that it's October, autumn baking was calling to me. So, this week, I decided to take on not just one new thing, but three new things! I had frozen zucchini from the garden, organic Gala apples from Azure Standard, and the rest of my acorn squash from last week.

 #1: Zuchinni Tots - I love zucchini because it is full of good for you green stuff, but takes on the flavor of anything it is mixed with. These little bites are zucchini wrapped in flour, cheese, and egg. I of course, used almond cheese instead of cheddar, and frozen zukes instead of freshly grated. 

Consensus: Decent. I wish I had thought to thaw my zucchini sooner so I could have gotten more of the moisture out, and I should have baked them a little longer. I loved how much they felt and tasted like tater tots...and about half of them were great! The other half, were a little too zukey. Paul liked is first bite, but not his second. Also, best served hot! Super easy to mix up, so I'll probably try again. 

#2: Baked Apple Streusel - Fantasic! So super easy to mix together (basic apple crisp topping...used honey and coconut oil instead of butter and sugar) and you can use a cookie baller to scrape the seeds out quickly.

Consensus: Paul doesn't like baked fruit in any form, but I thought they were great!
#3: Acorn Squash and Honey Custard - by far, the best idea of the evening! I liked the squash rings last week, but honestly, I never got back to them. They were a little smoothy and very sweet, and I wasn't totally in the mood for them the night we made them. And then the sat in the fridge for a week.

But pie? Oh my goodness! Steam squash, scrape off of rind into blender, puree with other ingredients (honey, milk, egg, spices), and pour into tins. I was too busy to make pie it's custard.

Consensus: Paul had no idea this wasn't pumpkin pie. He loved it - then found out what it was, and said it wasn't dessert since it was a vegetable. And I'm okay with that. We'll do this again!

New apron....

All in all, a good night! It was fun to start the week in the kitchen and go crazy making stuff....all while preparing dinner too! And I felt very cheery in my new apron that I made this weekend. (Btw: craft show coming up! Aprons for sale!) I haven't forgotten about the cinnamon rolls, but holding those for next week. Had to use my produce while it was still fresh!

So...what things does autumn make you hungry for?

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