Sunday, March 18, 2012

Binder Bliss (for the OCD'ers)

I have a thing for binders. They keep whatever little bits of information they hold organized, neat, and let's face it, in an 81/2 x 11 inch space that is easily transportable.

I've been looking for a way to keep the Morales life organized for a while...and mostly driving my husband nuts. See, I have this weird barefoot mentality about life that really likes all things hippy, and groovy, and free. And yet I feel the need for my house and life to never, EVER resemble Woodstock, because there's this really irritating vein of responsibility that is very large, and races right through my bare feet. So I want to invite people over at random and have my house always looking like a page out of Martha Stewart Living (well, a much groovier version of MSL, I don't think Martha believes in orange).

So, looking for inspiration, I turned to pintrest. (If you're unfamiliar, and don't mind being slightly addicted to cyberspace blogs, click here.) And voila! There, in all it's beautiful perfection, was a blog about binders.

This was my inspiration for my binder.

I didn't follow all of her ideas, quite exactly (insert barefoot tendencies). The two biggest differences are that I don't have children (so no children pages) and I am not keeping my weekly menus/grocery list in this binder. The binder is for long term organization, and I prefer to make changes to my menus/list as things come to mind.

Here, though, is a look at what I included:

Front flab is holding all bills that have come and not been paid yet.

First page in the monthly budget, followed by 6 month savings plan.

Paul and my "Want" lists. (See last post.)

Yearly chore lists, divided by season. I'm still debating this concept - I want to make spread sheets so we can date when each items was accomplished, but I don't want to be too over the top organized. I also made weekly chore cards that I've pinned to our bulletin board. The chores rotate on a 14 day basis, with about 15-20 minute set of things to do each day, but Sunday. This way, at least every two weeks, all the basic things are getting done. And I'm not trying to keep track of it all! It also allows husband/children to know what chore items need accomplished without always dolling out lists. 

Week one.

Week two.

Finally, the back page holds all paid bills, ready to be reviewed come tax time next year.

I'm sure things will be added and subtracted as time goes on. But I feel very good, and much more relaxed about the tiny details of life already!

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