Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winter Doldrums....

I normally get them mid-February.

You know you've caught a bad case when you don't have the energy to change into clean pj's when you get outta bed and decide that you just. aren't. leaving. the. house. today. AT. ALL.

But I skipped them this year!....

...or so I thought.

We were really busy getting ready for Paul's improv show, and planning for my sister's baby shower. And I think I just forgot to be saddened by the cold temperatures and lack of sun.

But then we stopped. And I got the flu. And let me tell you - sans gallbladder, still trying to figure out how to eat balanced, healthy meals, after a year of living on Famous Amos and ramen - having the flu really throws a wrench in things! I've felt so crummy the past few days...and just when I wake up thinking I feel better, I eat breakfast. It's a bad, bad cycle I and my digestive track have gotten into!

In times like this, I wish I had an old Chinese guru friend to tell me what to eat to rebalance my body. I'm really not being crude - back in the day, Chinese "pharmacies" were really like luncheonettes. You complained about your symptoms, and they made you food to counter them!

So, as I was sitting at my desk this afternoon, feeling rather weak-kneed, I decided I needed some good, strong broth to reset myself. But I'm tired of chicken noodle - so I went with egg drop.


How did I not know how easy and delicious this soup was to make???

                                          Egg Drop Soup Recipe

I followed this trusty recipe, well, almost followed it: I replaced the sugar with honey, and left out the veggies this time. I really just wanted fortified broth.

I was a little scared about pouring the egg....but it wasn't as finicky as I expected. Just pour it slowly, and sort of stir with a fork to break up the bigger clumps of egg.

All in all, maybe fifteen minutes to make.

I'm not sure yet how I'm going to address the rest of my doldrummyness...but this soup is certainly a step in the right direction!

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