Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Beads

As I mentioned a while back, my sewing machine is on the fritz, and I have this impossible need for some sort of creative outlet. My standby has always been jewelry, and these last couple of weeks tinkering in my beads have been inspired.

It's often been mentioned to me that my color and texture combinations are unique, and that I gauge people's styles well. My brain always auto tracks that to, "Thanks, that's sweet, but I just make what I see!" And I realized this weekend, while at Biaggi's with my little sis, that I glanced at her earrings no less than 42 times in the hour and a half we were at dinner. I just love all things bangly!!

I love hoops, and shiny silver, and muted bronze, and the way beads play with light, and how they can be so layered, so that every time you glance at a piece it looks a little different.

But my favorite part about jewelry is that every piece tells a story. Jewelry can display a person's individuality in a sneaky way, sort of how you can hide veggies in spaghetti sauce, but in a much happier sneaky way. For instance, everyone in my office wears the same navy blue scrubs -  not much room for self expression in that uniform! But with a bright pair of beaded earrings, or a necklace, I can confidently (and respectfully) display me.

And there is always that special piece...something from my mom, or that Paul gave me...that gives me courage on days when I just can't face the world. 

So with a little prodding from my husband and friends, I've decided to embrace this hobby and actually work at it with a little more effort.

Equipped with a ledger, and a 12 month binder for holding receipts, new invoice pads, and a stack of brown paper sacks, I'm ready to update my sales process a little. I'm hoping to expand more on Etsy, utilize the DBD facebook page, and of course, update with more pictures here. 

I love the rustic look of the brown paper bags (I have little ones and big ones!), especially against the blue and teal (my business cards are teal). 

What do you think?

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