Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dime-store Dreams

...or reflections on reading the "The Help" for the second time.

I want to read something inspiring -
A promise in a dime-store paperback -
And pull the edge against my lungs:
Suspense, and daring, and bravery,
and something fought for.

To find love fought for,
gained by footholds of mercy,
as neighbors and comrades,
made stronger alongside each other,
breathe the pesticide of inequality.
Like cheap coffee, salted, and burned through,
it opens the eyes so life is
not flesh tones, or promotion tones,
skirt tones, or loose change tones
but heart tones.


To cry breakthrough tears.
And exhale.
To claim the call to something higher.
And join the cause of the inspired.

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