Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gushy moment....

I stole this from facebook.....

You'll have to excuse me, for just a moment, as I gush sappy all over my blog.

But hey, it's my blog.

I love this man.

A lot. 

He is my inspiration to be brave. 

He's my sense of humor, when I've lost mine completely (sticky penguins get stuck). 

He inspires me to create, but to stretch out to the very edges of what I am capable, and come back with something amazing.

He listens to a lot of sciency cooking jargon that means nothing to him, but appreciates that this research towards a healthier lifestyle makes me feel better. 

His arms are where I find home, and he looks pretty darn good in all the new clothes he bought for his fancy new job. ;-) 

He prays for me, and with me, and over me. 

And I don't think I'll ever tire of this rockabilly fairy tell I've been blessed with. 

(The end. Y'all can resume eating now.) 

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