Friday, May 18, 2012

New ingredient faves

It's graduation weekend! Yay! So much to do. So I'm taking this short window while my car battery sits dead in my drive way and I can't go run my errands anyway to listen to this and update you all on my healthy happenings.

It's been a bad couple years of eating. Or trying to eat. Or getting sick, all the time. But it's been better recently!! The first week I was quite skeptical, but after four weeks, I think I'm sold.

I'm owing my happy digestion to four things:
1) My chiropractor.
2) Probiotics.
3) Yoga.
4) A healthier diet.

I've been driving Paul (my almost graduate!) crazy with really sciency nutrition research. I'm not a huge fan at all of the FDA and the food pyramid. What I am finding is that our "clean" American food is stripped down of the fat and dirt our bodies really need to digest well and heal themselves. I've been slowly adding new things into our diet (as economically as possible! Thank you Cyd!!!), and have three new ones this week that I'm very pleased with.

The really dark green powder is Spirulina. It's algea, I think. But it's full of all sorts of vitamins and minerals and such. And mixed into a smoothie, you really can't taste all the health you're eating.

The little seeds are chia seeds. One teaspoon has more fiber and protein than most protein bars. You soak them in water to break the shells and "gel" them. The longer they soak, the gellier the water gets - and it's actually a natural binder and can be used in place of eggs. Who knew?

Coconut oil - might be my new favorite thing ever. It takes the place of any butter/oil in baking but it's solid at room temperature and SOOO much easier to measure than butter! It smells good, and it so good for rebuilding cell walls, especially of internal organs. Often used for people with digestive problems.

And, it can be used to make applesauce muffins! 

I found this recipe, but I used a cup each of whole wheat flour and whole oats. Made with coconut oil, and chia seed they are moist even a couple days after baking and I really don't feel bad eating two at a time! 

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