Sunday, May 20, 2012

Picture perfect moments

So Monday night, I left this....for a few go out and see my yard via camera lens. Our house came with lovely raised flower beds, full of gorgeous flowers, that I neglected last year in lieu of trying not to double over in pain while standing. (Have I mentioned yet that I love eating and that God has been SO good??? I'm amazed at the healing qualities He built into our bodies. But that's for another post.)

So given the rubble state of my back yard, I needed some help! I hate yard work. I really do. But I'm hoping that like cooking, which I used to despise, enough practice will turn chore into joy. So with some help from a green-handed (not just thumb!) friend, who actually enjoys getting dirt under her fingernails, these overgrown flower beds were tackled.

And I took a moment to step out into the breeze and admire our hard work.....
clematis on back deck
 ... and play with my puppies.
Sierra pink tougue
excited Kona

rose bush, Cyd bought me


red roses

grape vine, hiding behind a/c unit                    

pretty painted irises

brilliant rose bud

pink rose bush


purple star light

doesn't it look like it's worshipping?

Because sometimes, you slow time, by fully stepping into it's current.
climbing roses


so, I really like these ones

rocking chair on porch

baby squash, for church

I love this color contrast

lavender I thought died last year


If you get simple beauty and nought else,
You get about the best thing God invents.
-- Robert Browning. 
Filling it with yourself, and forcing focus. Forcing sight, and smell, and touch. So as to not miss anything. To taste every gift, every moment. At least that's what I'm learning from One Thousand Gifts.                                                                                 What moments have you stepped into this week, to soak up and enjoy?

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