Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pre-mom's day musings

A very tired version of myself suggested yesterday that mother's day may be a bit over rated.

Not because moms across the world aren't worth honoring for all the time, patience, care, and love they poor into their little ones - they totally are. But because it misses a whole lot of women that give just as much to non-genetic offspring.

So I'm suggesting a Women are Awesome and Nurture Life Into the World on a Daily Basis Day.

Might be a little long for a Hallmark card, I'll give you that.

But I think it's important, I really do.

I myself, owner of one very black thumb, have kept four butternut squash plants alive for 7 days. And I have remembered to water it on at least three separate occasions.

That's a little glib. But think of all the women in your life that may not have children (or do, but you're just not one of them!) that take care of people, animals, and things around them. For instance, Miss Karyn (wonderful barista) of Crazy Day Gourmet who pours me one very large cup of coffee (with two creamers) whenever I come in (which is generally when I'm slightly stressed on my lunch break). I'm not her child, but she nurtures me.

And thanks to my husband's inspiration and a lesson or two learned the hard way, I've decided that some truths need spoken more often. And this is one of them:

Women are nurturers. It's what we do. And it's an important, life-changing, life-giving role to play. And regardless of stretch marks, morning sickness, or number of diapers changed I do something important. I care for my husband, for our house, our puppies, our tenant. I work, and create, and help manage a garden. I help file medical papers, and babysit, and teach Sunday school. My life matters.

I'm not on a bra-burning, feminist kick (this time), I promise. I just needed to say, this week, that as tired as I've been, and as many "other people's" problems as I've dealt with, it's good to be necessary. And it's okay to be honored in this role I play, because it is important.

And even if I'm not a biological mother yet, my nurturing of little souls and bean sprouts alike has earned me some sleeping-in tomorrow, I think. So whoever that woman in your life is - whether or not she was involved in the birthing process of someone important to you - let her know tomorrow how much she means to you. She'll appreciate it.

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